Last reviewed 29 October 2021

After the Road Haulage Association (RHA) recently called on the Government to work with local authorities to invest in lorry parking and truck stops, the trade union Unite is now also lending its support to a campaign by HGV drivers for safety, decency and dignity to be restored to lorry driving in the UK.

Unite has announced its backing for the drivers' grassroots campaign (#TruckedOff) which has been set up to encourage drivers to take their statutory rest break at 11am on Monday 1 November.

The date for “Take a Break” has been chosen as it will fall after another expected extension by the Government to the daily drivers’ hours rules and Unite's driver members have called the repeated extensions irresponsible and possibly illegal.

They are also seen as counterproductive as the changes will exhaust the present workforce and deter others from joining.

Unite's chairman, and former HGV driver, Tony Woodhouse, said: “HGV drivers are sick and tired of poor pay, no pensions and longer working hours. Truck stops in this country are a disgrace and the fantasy salaries being reported are a myth.”

Drivers are urged to park up at 11am on 1 November, he went on. By taking their legal break, they will highlight that nothing is being done to address “the dreadful employment conditions” in a sector that is at the heart of the UK economy.

The union has issued a briefing note, “Bringing order to chaos”, which highlights the case of a driver reporting that he sleeps in his cab four nights a week and is regularly faced with using poor facilities that lack even basic requirements such as hot showers and toilets that work.