According to Transport for London (TfL), the most unsafe lorries are to be removed from the capital’s roads as part of the Mayor’s Vision Zero approach to reduce road danger.

It has launched the final public consultation on its “world-first” Direct Vision Standard (DVS) proposals, which will tackle road danger at its source by aiming to eliminate trucks’ blind spots that are, TfL suggests, the cause of so many tragic deaths and life-changing injuries.

TfL research shows that, between 2015 and 2017, lorries were disproportionately involved in fatal collisions, with 63% of those involving people cycling and 25% pedestrians.

This is despite heavy lorries only making up 4% of the overall miles driven in London.

“The HGV Safety Permit is a holistic approach which aims to improve the overall safety of HGVs through blind spot elimination and minimisation, warning of intended manoeuvre, minimising the physical impact of a hazard and recommending driver safety training,” TfL said.

Details of the DVS and of the consultation can be found at The deadline for submitting comments is 18 February 2019.

The proposed scheme would require all lorries over 12 tonnes to hold a safety permit to enter or operate in Greater London. Using a star system, the standard rates vehicles from zero (lowest) to five (highest) stars, based on how much a driver can see directly through their cab windows.

Two earlier rounds of consultation, covering first the principles of a DVS and then a proposal for an HGV safety permit scheme, have already taken place and, taking account of that feedback and working closely with industry and interested parties, TfL has further developed the scheme.

The scheme will launch in October 2019 when operators will be able to apply for safety permits. By 2024, zero-, one- and two-star vehicles will be banned unless they can “demonstrate compliance with an updated progressive safe system”.

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Last reviewed 11 January 2019