Last reviewed 9 February 2021

The Department for Education (DfE) has invited comments and supporting evidence with regard to proposals which it has developed for a new international teaching qualification, International Qualified Teacher Status (iQTS).

Full details can be found at and the deadline for submitting responses is 3 May 2021.

“Global demand for high-quality education has created unprecedented demand for highly-qualified teachers and provides new and growing opportunities for English-style teacher training overseas,” the DfE explains.

It therefore intends to introduce a new international teaching qualification, based on English standards and training methods, which could be delivered in a variety of contexts.

DfE will use responses to the consultation to ensure this qualification gives teachers the opportunity to train to high-quality, English standards worldwide and to provide more opportunities for English teacher training providers to expand into the international teacher training market.

It believes that this will help to meet global demand for high-quality education for teachers while providing new and growing opportunities for English-style teacher training overseas.

This consultation sets out a proposed blueprint for the qualification and asks for views on various parts of the framework and market potential. Responses will help guide the design of iQTS, ensuring that it is built on and delivers high quality teacher training, and is deliverable across a range of different markets.

“The sector has a key role to play in the development of iQTS, the structures required to deliver it and the partnerships needed to make it happen,” Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said. “We will ensure that we use the feedback and continued engagement to refine the proposals, and develop a clear plan for implementation.”