Last reviewed 16 July 2021

One of the UK’s biggest business groups has announced the launch of “Route to Net Zero”, a campaign to encourage 18,000 member businesses to commit to decarbonising their operations as quickly, effectively and urgently as possible.

Logistics UK said that a key component of the campaign’s success would be getting the right support from the Government.

Head of Public Policy, Michelle Gardner, said: “Logistics UK will be working in partnership with its members and the Government to help ensure the right policies, infrastructure, power supply, funding and vehicle markets are in place to realise the logistics industry’s Net Zero ambition.”

Among other requests, the campaign is calling for certainty on commercially viable, zero tailpipe emission technologies for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) by the mid-2020s.

After calling on its members to work to achieve the Route to Net Zero ambition, the business group said that it would be launching a comprehensive policy manifesto ahead of COP26 (the international environment conference) in November 2021.

Ms Gardner said that Logistics UK members already understand the urgency of the climate crisis and are working hard to decarbonise logistics operation and they now needed support to help meet the country’s goals.

More details of the campaign can be found at

It states: “We know the pathway to Net Zero will be challenging for many of our members, as the technology solutions are still being developed, but we will work to ensure our campaign is meaningful and can translate into real action.”