Cabinet Office Minister, David Lidington, has announced new measures that will deliver better public services and use government contracts as a “force for good”.

In June, Mr Lidington announced a range of measures that aimed to promote a diverse marketplace of companies bidding for government contracts.

He has now announced that, by summer 2019, government procurements will be required to consider social and economic benefits in certain priority areas such as supporting small businesses, providing employment opportunities for disadvantaged people and reducing environmental damage.

At the same time, he announced that central Government will publish new data about the performance of critical contracts and that the Government’s Supplier Code of Conduct is to be reviewed and strengthened to “revolutionise” government procurement.

Mr Lidington also confirmed that government suppliers are drawing up contingency plans to ensure resiliency in the case of business failure, in order to maintain the continuity of critical public services.

Last reviewed 5 December 2018