Last reviewed 19 October 2021

New trainee teachers can get bursaries of up to £24,000 while existing teachers in all state schools can access free courses to develop their skills, the Department for Education (DfE) has announced.

Graduates applying to train as teachers in high-demand subjects will, it explained, receive thousands of pounds in tax-free cash bursaries under Government plans to recruit and retain world-class teachers.

A total of £129 million will be available for trainee teachers starting in 2022/23, which includes increased bursaries of £15,000 for languages, geography and design and technology, and £10,000 for biology — in addition to the existing £24,000 bursary or £26,000 scholarship for maths, physics, chemistry and computing.

This follows an announcement that teachers of maths, physics, chemistry and computing in the first five years of their careers will receive salary boosts of up to £3000.

Research has shown that teacher quality is the single biggest determinant of pupils’ outcomes within school so the Government is investing £184 million to provide 150,000 high-quality NPQs (National Professional Qualifications) across the next three years.

NPQs are accredited by the DfE, for those employed at state-funded schools and 16–19 organisations.

The £184 million for the training forms part of the Government’s £3 billion education recovery programme, which also includes an expanded tutoring offer to support pupils to catch up.

Applications for teacher training are now open through the new Apply service, which has been designed to streamline the application process and help prospective teachers find the right course.