Last reviewed 26 August 2021

The Government has announced that it will invest £20 million in creating more family hubs in England to help vulnerable and low-income families access early years education, health and care services.

The funding will include:

  • £10 million for the family hubs “Transformation Fund” which will support local authorities to open family hubs in approximately 10 new areas of England

  • £10 million to expand the “Growing Up Well” digital project, designed to level up outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged families. This involves improving how information is shared between professionals working with families and children in family hubs.

The hubs offer families, children and young people somewhere to access a range of support services, which can include early education and childcare, mental health support, meetings with health visitors or attending parenting classes, counselling or advice for victims of domestic abuse.

Family hubs are delivered in person and supported virtually via online services and aim to help families to easily access the help they need, regardless of where in the country they live. They bring services together into one place, preventing parents and carers from having to search for different types of support that might otherwise be too hard to find, especially for those on lower incomes.

The Government confirmed that many councils have already started to open family hubs, providing families with better access to support from a range of professionals, including midwives, health visitors, GPs, schools or social services.

Children and Families Minister Vicky Ford said:

“It is absolutely vital that all families across England have access to the same high quality services in their local communities, no matter where they live. Services like these which offer early help and intervention can make a huge difference for parents and carers, levelling up opportunities for every child to fulfil their potential.”

“That is why we are championing family hubs, and this additional £20 million investment will drive forward this programme, helping to grow and expand hubs across the country so that even more parents and children can access the early health and education services we know can have a lifelong positive impact.”