Last reviewed 10 December 2020

The Construction Playbook sets out key policies and guidance for how public works projects and programmes are assessed, procured and delivered.

It captures commercial best practices and specific sector reforms outlining the Government’s expectations of how contracting authorities and suppliers, including the supply chain, should engage with each other.

Available at GOV.UK, the 83-page document is the result of extensive collaboration from across the public and private sectors to bring together expertise and best practices.

It sets out 14 key policies for how the Government should assess, procure and deliver public works projects and programmes which all central government departments and their arms-length bodies are expected to follow on a “comply or explain” basis.

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has collaborated and supported the combined efforts of the Cabinet Office and the Infrastructure and Projects Authority to develop and publish the Playbook and to endorse its aim of creating a more strategic relationship between Government and the construction sector.

Describing the publication of the Construction Playbook as significant, the CLC said: “It aims to embed a new approach to the procurement and delivery of construction projects and programmes, which is more collaborative, engages the whole supply chain, encourages investment in innovation and skills, and supports a more sustainable, resilient and profitable industry, capable of delivering higher-quality, safer and better performing built assets for its clients.”

The Cabinet Office said that the Playbook will drive innovation and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) through standardisation and aggregation of demand, increased client capability and setting clear requirements for suppliers.