Last reviewed 18 October 2019

Globally Harmonised System (GHS) Revision 8 has been published and is available online in both English and French.

Amendments to the seventh revised edition of the GHS:

  • New classification criteria, hazard communication elements, decision logics and guidance for chemicals under pressure.

  • New provisions for the use of in vitro/ex vivo data and non-test methods to assess skin corrosion and skin irritation.

  • Miscellaneous amendments to clarify the classification criteria for Specific Target Organ Toxicity.

  • Revised and further rationalized precautionary statements and an editorial revision of Sections 2 and 3 of Annex 3.

  • New examples of precautionary pictograms to convey the precautionary statement “Keep out reach of children”.

  • A new example in Annex 7 addressing labelling of sets or kits.

  • Guidance on the identification of dust explosion hazards and the need for risk assessment, prevention, mitigation, and hazard communication.

The English version can be accessed via the UNECE website.