The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has added three new substances to the Candidate List due to their toxicity to reproduction and a fourth due to its endocrine disrupting properties.

The Candidate List is a list of substances that may have serious effects on human health or the environment and are considered for inclusion in the Authorisation List.

Any supplier of articles containing a Candidate List substance above a concentration of 0.1% (weight by weight) has communication obligations towards customers down the supply chain and to consumers. In addition, importers and producers of articles containing the substance have six months from the date of its inclusion in the Candidate List (25 June 2020) to notify ECHA. Additional obligations resulting from a substances’ inclusion on the Candidate List are summarised at:

The new substances are:

  • 1-vinylimidazole, included as it is toxic for reproduction, and which is used in formulations and as a monomer in the production of polymers

  • 2-methylimidazole, included as it is toxic for reproduction, and which is used as a catalyst in the production of coating products

  • Di-butylbis(pentane-2,4-dionato-o,o’)tin, also included as it is toxic for reproduction and which is used as a catalyst and as an additive in the production of plastics

  • Butyl-4-hydroxybenzoate (butylparaben), included as a result of its endocrine disrupting properties (human health) and is used in cosmetics, personal care products and pharmaceuticals.

There are now 209 substances on the Candidate List.

During the Brexit transition period, EU law continues to apply to and in the UK.

Last reviewed 29 June 2020