A London-based meat cutting plant has been fined for preventing food safety inspectors from entering their site.

At a hearing at Thames Magistrates Court, the owner of M Coban Ltd, a red and white meat cutting plant in London, was found guilty of two offences of obstructing Food Standards Agency (FSA) inspectors from entering the premises on 4 July 2018 and 22 August 2018.

The business was fined £9000 plus costs of £1000 and also ordered to pay a £120 victim surcharge which goes to the court.

The FSA monitors compliance in cutting plants using a system of planned audits with additional unannounced visits. The frequency of the audits depends upon the level of compliance found at the site.

Mr Coban told the court he felt harassed by the inspections and that he had spent a lot of time and resources on the visits.

The site is no longer regulated by the FSA and is instead registered with Waltham Forest Local Authority which has a separate inspection regime.

Dr Colin Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer of the FSA, said, “The FSA has an obligation to ensure that cutting plants are inspected on a regular basis.

“Obstructing our staff from carrying out their role not only prevents us from assessing whether the food being produced is safe, it can also be an offence.

“I am pleased that this company has been held accountable for breaking these rules.”

Last reviewed 21 May 2019