Outsourcing in the facilities management market is set to grow by £2 billion in 2019 and by more than £10 billion by 2022 according to a new report from MTW Research which has identified significant growth opportunities for facilities management companies working in both the public and private sectors.

This 10th edition of the Research and Analysis Market Report also highlights 20 emerging and critical success factors for the FM market — including contract selectivity, convergence and the equitable accounting of risk divestment — and looks at the effect of Brexit and EU membership plus other market influences.

MTW Director, Mark Waddy, explained: “The collapse of Carillion and others have focused the facilities management market toward more sustainable facilities management economics, with a fundamental shift to outcome-based contracts and other critical success factors transforming the UK outsourcing market.”

MTW suggests that the net worth of the facilities management market will rise by 9% by 2022, which is slower than the 16% growth in previous years. Nevertheless, it is predicted that there will be an additional £2.6 billion of sales for bundled outsourcing. Security services are set to rise by £1.5 billion, with property maintenance and office support services together rising by £5 billion.

Last reviewed 11 January 2019