Last reviewed 24 May 2021

Anthony’s Travel of Runcorn has become the first operator in the UK to install both the Hispacold eCo3 and PEPA-F air filtration systems on its entire coach fleet.

Both systems were originally designed pre-Covid, with the Hispacold system having been on the market for a decade. It was designed to purify the air of most pathogens (including viruses, bacteria and fungi) known at the time, but has since been tested on Covid-19 in Spain; the results showed a 99.7% effectiveness against the virus.

The PEPA-F meanwhile can trace its roots back to 2014’s Ebola outbreak. According to supplier Airconco, it is an additive solution intended to be incorporated into air filters to kill pathogens. Again, it has now been tested against Covid-19 with the trials demonstrating a 99.99% effectiveness.

The systems are said to be easy to install in most coaches and Scottish operators may be able to get funding to install the systems thanks to the country’s Public Transport Retrofit Fund.

Richard Bamber, Managing Partner at Anthony’s Travel, said: “For passengers to feel confident to travel, it’s imperative that we endeavour to provide as safe a passenger experience as possible.”

This has always been the firm’s ethos, he continued, as it has previously invested heavily in Alcolocks, CCTV, telematics and tyre and wheel management systems to protect its passengers. The fitment of eCo3 units and PEPA-F complements this investment.