Last reviewed 7 October 2013

BSI, in conjunction with Loughborough University and Kingfisher Future Homes Group, have formed a partnership to improve the energy efficiency of the UK housing stock and the UK’s first ever BSI KitemarkTM for energy-efficient buildings has been awarded to iQE for its A-rated Simplicity Boiler.

A recent BSI survey showed that 7 in 10 people feel reassured by the presence of a BSI KitemarkTM.

Howard Kerr, Chief Executive of BSI, commented: “Today’s achievement of the first BSI Kitemark for energy-efficient buildings will give home owners the confidence to invest in boosting the thermal efficiency of their homes, helping address energy waste and reducing our heating bills.”

The new iQE Simplicity LPG boiler is A-rated using the SEDBUK boiler rating system with an efficiency rating of over 90%. It includes an intelligent pre-mixing system and constant temperature monitoring to maintain high efficiency levels.

Loughborough University’s Professor Kevin Lomas and BRE’s Professor Loveday provided the technical expertise behind the new product and will continue with further modelling work to identify other measures needed to help individual households save energy. Professor Loveday added: “We have the skills, experience and facilities to rigorously test and evaluate products, so that customers can feel confident that the measures installed will help them improve the energy efficiency of their homes.”

The range of high efficiency boilers and other energy-saving products is growing but customer demand remains weak. A new report from Global Action Plan, Watts in the Kitchen, suggests that the UK lags a long way behind other European countries when it comes to buying energy-efficient appliances.

Trewin Restorick, Chief Executive of Global Action Plan, said: “Our research suggests that the Government needs to take a broader view on promoting energy efficiency — a relatively low-level investment over a short period of time could shift the market toward the most efficient appliances, creating significant carbon savings.”

Kingfisher markets the iQE products exclusively through its B&Q, Screwfix and TradePoint brands. Other A-rated boilers are available from Evomax, Dimplex system and Keston.