Last reviewed 27 January 2022

As the Government's Plan B restrictions are lifted and regulations are relaxed across England from Thursday 27 January, Transport for London (TfL) has reminded passengers that wearing a face covering remains a requirement on its services.

TfL intends to retain the condition of carriage requiring all customers using any service or station to wear a face covering unless they are exempt. Those who do not comply could be prevented from entering the network or asked to leave TfL services.

Public transport use has grown in recent days as London recovers from the pandemic and in early December 2021, prior to the introduction of Plan B measures, the Tube network regularly saw more than 60% of normal journeys during weekdays, reaching as high as 80% at weekends, while ridership on buses was regularly at 75% of pre-pandemic levels.

Weekday bus ridership has returned to around 4.25 million journeys a day and the figures indicate that millions of Londoners are regularly using public transport across the city, showing continued confidence that services are safe, clean and reliable.

Lilli Matson, TfL's Chief Safety, Health and Environment Officer, said: “We're looking forward to welcoming many more people back to our network as they return to offices and workplaces across the capital. London's recovery from the pandemic hinges on transport and we are ready to play our role in moving people around the city, allowing them to reach work and leisure destinations and keeping people safe.”

However, she also stated that customers must wear face coverings throughout their journeys in order to keep each other and transport staff safe. In addition, trains, trams, buses and stations are cleaned with hospital-grade cleaning substances that kill viruses and bacteria on contact and provide ongoing protection.

Independent testing by Imperial College London has been carried out monthly since September 2020, taking swabs of touch points in stations, buses and air samples in ticket halls, and, up to the last verified testing round in December 2021, has found no traces of coronavirus on the public transport network.