Last reviewed 16 September 2021

Transport charity Bus Users UK is planning a series of online events - “Let’s talk accessibility” - with Disability Rights UK to address the barriers disabled people face when travelling by bus.

Bringing operators, local transport authorities and representatives from central and local government together with disabled people, their carers and the charities and groups that represent them, the events will take place on 20, 21 and 22 September.

Their aim is to ensure that everyone has a voice in Bus Service Improvement Plans (BSIPs) being developed by local transport authorities and bus operators. The plans are a requirement of the Government’s National Bus Strategy which has promised £3 billion of funding to improve services.

Each event will look at the experiences of disabled people and the costs and benefits of improving accessibility while examining how these issues can be addressed through BSIPs.

“We want as many people as possible to take part and have their say because only by understanding and addressing the barriers to travel, can we hope to make transport truly accessible,” Bus Users UK said.

Planned sessions

  • Session 1: - Monday 20 September - 11am to 12pm: Focus on local transport authorities, local and central government representatives

  • Session 2: - Tuesday 21 September - 3pm to 4pm: Focus on passengers, charities and carers

  • Session 3: - Wednesday 22 September - 3pm to 4pm: Focus on operators

For more information, or to book a place at one of the events, please email