Last reviewed 29 June 2021

Eurotunnel has published updated guidance for the transport of dangerous goods through the Eurotunnel in line with the 2021 regulations.

Eurotunnel’s dangerous goods guide 2021 can be found here and the guide to drivers here.

The Eurotunnel dangerous goods team also remind us that:

“Limited Quantities (LQ) do not need to be declared; however, if your driver declares dangerous goods at Check-in, a full ADR declaration be presented at the relevant Freight Driver Centre.

“Drivers should ensure that only the relevant dangerous goods declaration is handed over and no other paperwork (ie invoices, packing lists, etc) as this may delay the process”.

The full declaration should include the information listed below.

  • UN number.

  • Current ADR reference (Class, Packing Group & Classification code, if required).

  • Proper Shipping Name of Goods carried (including their volume or weight).

  • Details of packaging (number and description).

  • Quantity (net/gross mass as appropriate).