Last reviewed 6 July 2022

With the Transport Committee recently urging the Government to encourage the UK logistics sector to improve driver facilities, there are similar problems affecting the EU, and the European Commission has thus acted by introduce legislation for the establishment of service and security standards at secure parking areas.

Coming into force across the EU on 18 July 2022, Regulation (EU) 2022/1012 also sets out the procedures that will be necessary to gain certification.

To be certified as a safe and secure parking area, a site must meet all of the standards on the minimum level of service set out in Section A of Annex I and all of the standards of one of the security levels set out in Section B.

Minimum level of service

Safe and secure parking areas certified to EU standards must include:

  • gender-friendly sanitary facilities

  • facilities to buy and consume food and drink

  • free Internet connection

  • electrical sockets for personal use

  • electric power facilities for refrigerated road transport vehicles (by 31 December 2026)

  • emergency contacts on display at least in the national official language and in English.

Levels of security

The regulation offers the option of meeting one of four levels of security: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Each improving on the previous level, these set out requirements with regard to perimeter security, the parking area itself, entry and exit procedures and the level and standard of staffing.

Issues covered include, lighting, CCTV, risk assessments, signage, lane markings and reporting of incidents and crimes to the staff and police.