We recently reported that, as from 15 June 2019, any vehicles requiring a tachograph will have to have a smart tachograph fitted (see Smart tachograph deadline approaching).

This is in compliance with EU legislation but clearly does not mark the end of Europe’s interest in this area as the European Commission is currently seeking new recruits to its group of experts on the smart tachograph.

Full details are available at ec.europa.eu of the call for applications. The deadline for responding is 20 June 2019.

The Commission is looking for individuals to be appointed in a personal capacity who are technical experts in the field of the smart tachograph. These individuals are expected to act independently and in the public interest.

It will also appoint representatives of organisations, such as companies or associations, with a proven interest and expertise in the field of smart tachographs.

Those selected will serve a three-year term and will meet, at least, once a year on Commission premises. As a general rule, working documents will be drafted in English and meetings will be also conducted in English.

The Commission expects those putting their names forward to have proven and relevant competence and experience in at least one of the following fields related to the smart tachograph:

  • tachograph hardware and software

  • tachograph cards hardware and software

  • testing for the certification of the tachograph or its components

  • communication protocols, in particular knowledge of at least one of the communication standards mentioned in EU Regulation 2016/799, such as NMEA, CEN DSRC or ISO/IEC 7816

  • construction and installation of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) antennas, transceivers and receivers.

Last reviewed 4 June 2019