Last reviewed 8 September 2021

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) have updated their REACH registration guidance, which is now on version 4.

The document aligns with the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1692) on the application of certain registration and data-sharing provisions of REACH after the expiry of the final registration deadline for phase-in substances.

Updates include:

  • Changes in the whole document related to the deadlines for registration of phase-in substances.

  • Removal of references to pre-registration of substances.

  • Clarification of the calculation of tonnages after the end of phase-in.

  • Removal of the obsolete sections as the one on non-phase-in substances or the one on deadlines for registration of phase-in substances.

  • Clarification on when it is needed to declare the phase-in status of a substance (section 2.3.2).

  • Clarification on when the IUPAC name can be claimed confidential (section 4.4) after the end of phase-in.

  • Clarification of when reduced information requirements for low tonnage dossiers can be provided (section 5.2.4).

Alignment with the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1435 on the duties placed on registrants to update their registrations under REACH (section 7.2).

  • Explanation and examples on the timelines to update a dossier on the registrants’ own initiative.

    Extended information on the notification of a cease of manufacture or import (section 7.2).

    New section explaining when a registration is no longer valid (section 8).

Alignment with the Guidance on data sharing.

  • Data-sharing section has been reduced and instead references have been made to Guidance on data-sharing that is being updated in parallel to this guidance (section 3).

  • Information on joint submission from the old Guidance on data-sharing such us joint submission of data, joint submission obligation and conditions for opting out from the joint submission, has been added and updated: (section 4.3).

Streamlining of sections to make it more readable: Removal of Annex V in section and Annex VII in section 4.1. The reader is advised to consult the text directly in the REACH text.

  • Explanation of the examples for re- imported substances in section

  • Chemical Safety Report section is more concise (section 5.3).

  • Further explanation of the technical completeness check step, what refers to automated and manual checks (section 11.3.1).

  • Adaptation of the text to a gender-inclusive language.

  • Links added to the cross-references within the document.

  • Definitions added to Appendix 1.

  • Roles and duties of only representatives added to Appendix 2.

The guidance document can is available on the ECHA website.