Last reviewed 6 January 2021

In a timely reminder that some European legislation will continue to be interest to operators in the UK until well after Brexit, the EU has just published a Regulation aimed at ensuring basic EU-UK road freight connectivity following the end of the transition period.

Available at, Regulation (EU) 2020/2224 argues that, to prevent serious disruptions, temporary rules need to be established.

These measures, which will cease to apply at the latest on 30 June 2021, enable UK-licensed road haulage operators to carry goods by road between the UK and the EU, or from the territory of the UK to the territory of the UK transiting one or more Member States.

However, the rights thus conferred are conditional upon the conferral of equivalent rights by the UK Government and remain subject to certain conditions ensuring fair competition.

The short period is designed, the European Commission explains, to enable possible arrangements for basic connectivity to be made in the ECMT (European Conference of Ministers of Transport) system, and is without prejudice to the entry into force of a future agreement governing the carriage of goods by road between the EU and the UK and future Union rules on transport.

For EU haulage operators carrying goods between the EU and the United Kingdom, relying on rights granted by the UK, Regulation (EC) 1072/2009 on common rules for access to the international road haulage market will apply to the part of the journey on the territory of the Member State of loading or unloading.