Last reviewed 26 November 2020

The European Chemicals Agency Enforcement Forum intends to initiate a project of enforcement in 2022 on poison centres.

The project will check that companies have complied with their duty to notify hazardous mixtures (for health and physical effects) to the Poison Centre Notification portal.

ECHA reminds us that:

“Companies must provide information about the mixtures to relevant national bodies. This information is then made available to poison centres so they can give advice to citizens or medical personnel in the event of a poisoning.

“The obligation to notify certain hazardous mixtures placed on the market for consumer and professional use applies from 1 January 2021. The Forum will start preparing its pilot project in 2021 and plans to carry out inspections from the second half of 2022 until mid-2023. The project report is expected in early 2024.”