Centrica Business Solutions has published a new report showing how new energy technology could help meet more than half of the UK’s 20% carbon reduction target for 2030, as outlined in the Clean Growth Strategy.

Distributed Energy: Powering Sustainability points to the opportunity for a range of new energy technologies that could deliver a saving of 11% across the healthcare, industry and hospitality sectors which together account for 27% of emissions.

The report recommends a full assessment across all private and public sectors to identify the opportunities presented by the new distributed energy technologies for the UK.

An earlier report by Centrica plc, Distributed Energy: Powering the Future of Industry, suggested that the UK’s industrial sector could save at least £540 million on its energy bills by adopting new energy technologies. Distributed energy resources usually refer to any sort of small scale, localised energy technologies that offer an alternative to the traditional electric power system such as renewable energy resources like solar, wind turbines and battery storage. These create flexibility in power production and distribution, making it more reliable and resilient as well as being cost efficient and having a positive impact on the environment.

Last reviewed 17 December 2018