Last reviewed 28 June 2021

A leading employer has reacted to the concerns of parents and children that the problems caused by the impact of the pandemic on schooling and examinations will adversely affect future careers.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) UK has told candidates with offers to join its school and college leaver programme that their places are guaranteed even if they do not achieve the grades previously required.

One of the ways PwC has broadened access to the firm beyond recruiting graduates, the programme has seen offers made to more than 100 students this year.

Depending on the role, between 96 and 112 UCAS points are needed to join the scheme, which gives young people the opportunity to train and take professional qualifications while earning.

Chief People Officer at PwC, Laura Hinton, said: “We’re very aware of the disruption caused to education by the pandemic and the additional pressure it’s put on students studying for their A-levels. By removing grades as a prerequisite for acceptance this year, we hope to provide some certainty and reassurance”.

Separate PwC research has revealed that the public expects businesses to play a key role in widening job opportunities to support post pandemic recovery, including providing non-graduate routes into employment, mentoring and improving skills.

PwC takes on around 1500 people at entry-level each year. Over recent years it has changed the mix of its student intake to include more apprenticeships and school entry programmes. See for more details.