Last reviewed 9 November 2021

Road Safety Week 2021 will take place from 15 to 21 November and, while aimed particularly at schools and young people, the organisers are keen to get businesses involved — particularly those reliant on their employees being out on the nation’s roads.

According to the road safety charity Brake, the theme of Road Safety Week 2021 is Road Safety Heroes, celebrating the work of road safety professionals including the police, school crossing patrols, fire and rescue service officers and ambulance staff and paramedics.

It has made available here free action packs for those wanting to run events marking the week in schools or in the workplace.

Brake highlights that more than 1.3 million people die on the roads every year and that driving for work is one of the most dangerous activities businesses can ask their employees to do.

Employers — especially those with staff who drive for work — can make a huge difference to road safety, the charity argues, and improve their reputation, staff morale and reduce costs at the same time.

Possible activities

In its guide for employers, Brake suggests a number of possible ways they could highlight the aims of the week.

They could, for example:

  • run road safety presentations or workshops with employees who drive, exploring topics such as vehicle maintenance, speed, distractions and driver tiredness and making use of tools such as Brake’s stopping distance activity or morning after drink-driving calculator

  • organise a road safety presentation for a local school, college or community group, perhaps using a company vehicle (such as a truck or bus parked on the school grounds) to show the blind spots around large vehicles and measure out stopping distances

  • encourage staff to leave their cars at home and use an alternative mode of transport for a day, or the week by providing advice and support on using public transport, walking and cycling such as publicising local bus routes, running free bicycle maintenance checks or providing pedometers.

See for more information about the week.