The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has called on employers to do more to protect employees’ back health, pointing out that a third (33%) of Brits have taken at least one day off work due to back or neck pain in the past year.

The BCA was highlighting recent research it conducted which found the following.

  • Workers experiencing back pain are forced to take 12 sick days a year yet only a minority of employers are proactively offering support to workers. (Less than a quarter (23%) of respondents had been offered advice or tips by their employer on how to sit at their desk to prevent work-related back pain, and only a fifth had been offered a desk assessment, ergonomic chairs or laptop stands.)

  • A third (33%) of Brits have taken at least one day off work due to back or neck pain in the past year, resulting in 12 days off work on average.

  • A further fifth (23%) feel it has a negative impact on their working life.

  • Two-fifths of workers (40%) who spend the majority of their time at work sitting don’t feel like they are able to take regular breaks, with only 6% reporting they are actively encouraged to.

Commenting on the research Catherine Quinn, Chiropractor and BCA President, said, “Whilst it’s encouraging to hear that some companies are offering advice and information to employees to prevent work-related back and neck pain, there is clearly a long way to go.

“No-one should feel they need to be chained to their desk all day at the expense of their health, and it is an organisation’s responsibility to empower staff to look after themselves in the office. With so many workers missing work due to the condition, it is truly in employers’ interests to offer proactive help and advice to protect the health of their employees.”

Last reviewed 8 February 2019