Last reviewed 24 September 2020

Early Years Health Adviser Andrea Leadsom MP is leading a new review into improving the health outcomes of babies and young children in England.

New parents, health service professionals, charities and volunteer groups are being asked to share their views on the Government’s existing early years support, by completing an online questionnaire.

The review will consider the barriers that impact on early years development, including social and emotional factors and early childhood experiences. It will focus on improving the support available to babies and their families in the period from conception to age 2, often referred to as the 1,001 critical days.

As part of the next phase of the review, Andrea Leadsom MP will be engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, including independent academic experts, maternity and children’s specialists, leading commissioners, early years providers and volunteers.

Andrea Leadsom said:

“As well as helping the review to shape the services needed by new babies and their parents, this questionnaire will help to gather experiences of parents who had a baby during the coronavirus lockdown.”

“This will help us to understand the many challenges faced, as well as to learn what worked well and what new innovations we can build on. The findings of this questionnaire will help the review to shape our recommendations and to promote the best start in life for every baby.”

The findings and policy recommendations from the first phase of the review are expected to be submitted in January 2021.

The consultation closes on 16 October and views can be submitted here.