Last reviewed 10 September 2020

Maintenance Investigation Visit Reports (MIVR), which the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) carries out to ensure operators have the right systems, arrangements and facilities in place to maintain their vehicles, are changing.

The MIVR form, the document that DVSA staff complete during a visit, is being updated to reflect this decision.

Operators should be aware that these reports can be given to the Traffic Commissioners if the operator’s systems or facilities are not up to scratch. They will, however, always receive a copy of these reports together with other feedback to help them improve if necessary.

Included in the investigation will be conformation of the correct legal entity and whether there is suitable management control of the maintenance systems.

Ahead of any future visit from DVSA inspectors, operators should be aware that they will be checking a number of new areas including: the management of exhaust emissions; wheels and tyres; safety recalls; and vehicle security.

Including helpful links on improving maintenance systems, updated guides on MIVR for heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and public service vehicle (PSV) operators have been published and can both be found at GOV.UK.

Both guides cover topics including: inspection and maintenance records, wheel and tyre management, previously reported shortcomings, conditions and undertakings, the qualifications and competence of the transport manager, and driver defect reporting.