Last reviewed 8 September 2021

A draft proposal has been published indicating five new substances that could be added to the authorisation list.

The following five substances are in the draft.

  • Tetraethyllead, toxic for reproduction (1a), used as an additive in aircraft fuels

  • 4,4'-bis(dimethylamino)-4''- (methylamino)trityl alcohol (with ≥ 0,1% of Michler's ketone (EC No 202-027-5) or Michler's base (EC No 202-959-2)), carcinogenic (1b), used in printing inks.

  • Reaction products of 1,3,4-thiadiazolidine-2,5-dithione, formaldehyde and 4-heptylphenol, branched and linear (RP-HP) with ≥0.1% w/w 4-heptylphenol, branched and linear (4-Hbl), endocrine disruptors with environmental effects, used in lubricants and greases.

  • 2-ethylhexyl 10-ethyl-4,4-dioctyl-7-oxo-8-oxa-3,5-dithia4-stannatetradecanoate (DOTE), reprotoxic properties used as stabiliser in polymers.

  • Reaction mass of 2-ethylhexyl 10-ethyl-4,4-dioctyl-7-oxo-8-oxa-3,5-dithia-4-stannatetradecanoate and 2-ethylhexyl 10-ethyl-4-[[2-[(2-ethylhexyl)oxy]-2-oxoethyl]thio]-4-octyl-7-oxo-8-oxa-3,5-dithia-4-stannatetradecanoate (reaction mass of DOTE et MOTE), reprotoxic properties, used as stabiliser in polymers.

Details of the draft proposal are available here.