Last reviewed 16 September 2020

Several transport and environmental charities have come together to appeal to families to transform the school run so that all pupils can get to school via climate-safe, healthy modes of travel.

The group includes Bus Users, Campaign for Better Transport (CBT), the Community Transport Association, Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK), Greener Journeys, Living Streets and Sustrans.

They intend to work with local authorities, the Government and transport partners to ensure that every child can get to school sustainably.

The Chief Executive of Bus Users, Claire Walters, said: “Encouraging pupils to use sustainable methods of transport will improve their health and wellbeing, and reduce congestion and pollution for everyone. Bus and coach operators have been working tirelessly to ensure their vehicles are safe to use so it's time to get back on board."

The alliance is highlighting that efforts are needed within communities to remove barriers, so that every child can walk or cycle, use public, school or shared transport, or a combination, when they travel to school.

It points out that on weekday term-time mornings, nearly 25% of cars on the roads are on the school run. Furthermore, over recent years, the proportion of children getting to school by car has gone up, while walking and cycling has declined.

Both the Government and authorities must give clear priority to active travel, alongside public, shared and community transport as the modes of the future, including for the school run, the charities are insisting.

They want to see the efforts underway across Britain to develop space and facilities for walking and cycling not only continue but be expanded, ensuring that these improvements are well-connected with public, community and shared transport, and schools and local facilities, to lock-in the long-term benefits.