Last reviewed 14 January 2022

A new charter to boost consumer confidence and provide an online one-stop shop on passenger rights and complaints procedures for disabled people has been announced by the Department for Transport (DfT).

Working with disability charity Scope, it is developing a new Disabled Persons Passenger Charter covering travel by bus, coach, taxi, private hire vehicle and rail. Providing a clear explanation of their rights, the Charter will improve journeys for disabled people travelling across England by helping to ensure that they can travel easily and more confidently.

Accessibility Minister, Wendy Morton, said: “I am delighted that we will be partnering with Scope to develop a charter for disabled passengers that will help boost confidence across our road and rail network. This practical guide will pull together disabled passengers’ rights so they understand how they can get from A to B with the dignity and ease they deserve.”

Scope research suggests that passengers who travel frequently are faced with a multitude of documents about their rights, which can be unclear. Acting on this feedback, the charter will collate existing information for passengers and centralise it into one coherent and easy-to-use format.

Once developed, it will be published online, providing a one-stop shop on passenger rights and complaints procedures. Ms Morton also highlighted that the DfT has publishing the first evaluation report of progress against its Inclusive Transport Strategy (available — here).

“Incorporating evidence from disabled people on their transport experiences, this report will help shape future changes and build a fairer system for everyone,” she explained.