The Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) leads the Government’s preparations for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU including delivering legislation and shaping a successful exit.

As at 31 December 2018, it had 590 full-time equivalent employees.

The Department is coordinating the cross-government programme of preparations and negotiations for the future relationship and has recently released its 2019 single departmental plan for Brexit which can be found at GOV.UK website.

This includes the aim of achieving a successful departure from the European Union on the best possible terms, including an implementation period to allow all involved time to adjust, and to provide certainty.

As part of this, the Department wants to confirm a strictly time-limited implementation period, during which the UK and EU would continue to have access to one another’s markets on current terms, the UK would take part in existing security measures and will negotiate, sign and ratify trade deals with new partners around the world.

Moving on to DExEU’s plans for building a deep and special future relationship that protects shared interests and values, it states that it will accomplish this aim by developing “a uniquely ambitious, deep and comprehensive economic partnership covering trade in goods and services and wider sectoral cooperation”.

The Department has as one of its main objectives engaging with Parliament, EU Member States and interested parties at home and abroad to shape a successful exit from the Union and to help build an ambitious future relationship.

Last reviewed 8 July 2019