Last reviewed 22 March 2021

We reported in February on a consultation launched by the Department for International Trade (DIT) regarding how businesses will be able to make an application for tariff duty suspensions (See Have your say on the UK’s duty suspension application process).

The consultation closed on 12 March and the DIT has reported that it received 16 written responses and undertook 27 discussions, including roundtable events, with various interested parties. This feedback will now be used to shape the UK’s business application process with the 2021 business application window due to open “around June”.

Full details of temporary duty suspensions and tariff quotas for importing goods into the UK can be found at

The DIT explained: “If you have a business registered in an EU Member State, then you will be eligible to participate in the EU suspensions process. If your business is registered in the UK, then you will have to participate in the UK’s independent suspensions regime and application process in order to be granted a duty rate suspension.”

This temporary duty tariff suspensions and quotas regime will allow the duty-free importation into the UK of certain goods used in domestic production. Once granted, a suspension or quota can be used by any business in the UK, it is not specific to the company which applied.

Eligible tariff suspensions for products which previously existed in the UK under the EU suspensions regime have been carried over into the UK’s independent regime. They have been retained, provided they came into force as part of the EU’s July 2020 update.