Last reviewed 10 July 2019

By using advanced driving techniques across its European bus fleet, Arriva expects to reduce carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2e) by up to 72,000 tonnes a year.

It has signed a contract with TomTom Telematics, a Bridgestone company, which will, it claims, drive up standards even higher in its bus operations.

Describing the move as an investment in the firm’s drivers, Jo Humphries, Arriva Group Transformation Director, said: “Every second of every journey, our 32,000 drivers have to make the right decisions to take passengers safely from pick-up to destination. When supported by regular coaching and training, our drivers will be equipped to drive the best they can.”

This latest technology investment — which provides drivers with instant feedback around braking, acceleration and idling — will, she continued, enable Arriva to reduce fuel use from its bus operations by up to 6% each year.

This is the equivalent of cutting the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by more than 15,000 cars being driven in a year.

The contract will see TomTom installing their telematics system on up to 15,000 buses across the UK and in nine countries in mainland Europe (Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and the Netherlands).

Arriva businesses in Denmark, Portugal, Serbia and Sweden already deploy telematics on their buses.

Managing Director Thomas Schmidt said: “Our fleet management solution, WEBFLEET, gives Arriva powerful insights into areas for improvement across its extensive network. For instance, it highlights inefficiencies affecting the amount of fuel usage in a day.”