Last reviewed 7 July 2020

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has launched a consultation entitled Strategy 2021: Smarter Regulation for a Safer Future, which aims to drive improvements in how people experience health and care services.

The health and social care regulator is looking at making regulation "simpler but dynamic to reflect the changes in health and social care we can anticipate, as well as those we cannot". It believes it can be more effective and efficient and use intelligence to tailor actions to individual services, targeting resources where it can have the greatest impact.

The CQC has also set out how its new strategy can build on its successes and values and keep its purpose central.

The survey on how the CQC can shape the future and deliver smarter regulation for safer care is available at:

Emerging strategy themes are also being discussed through one-hour webinars that are aimed at health and social care providers, health and social care professionals, strategic partners and trade associations.

The themes include Driving and supporting improvement, Promoting safe care for people, Smarter regulation, Systems and meeting people’s needs and Medical Services and Integrated Care.

To engage in the discussions about the CQC's future strategy, there is a dedicated folder on its digital participation platform so that providers can give feedback on the emerging strategic themes.

More information on the CQC's digital platform is available at: