Last reviewed 4 August 2021

Covid-19 is to be treated as any other workplace hazard according to updated Government guidance.

The Government has been reviewing its Covid Secure guides throughout the pandemic and has made regular updates to its guidance on restarting operations and keeping employees and others safe in workplaces. The Covid Secure guide for England relating to indoor labs, research facilities and similar environments, such as engineering centres, wet labs and clean rooms, analytical testing facilities and prototyping centres has recently been incorporated into a single document for working in offices, factories and labs:

The guide states that the risk of Covid-19 may be managed by completing a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks of Covid-19 in the workplace and identifying control measures to manage that risk. The usual rules around risk assessment apply (recording the findings for workplaces with more than five workers, consulting with employees and sharing the results).

Managers are still advised to provide adequate ventilation, clean more often, turn people showing Covid symptoms away, enable employees to check in at the premises and communicate safety measures to staff.