Last reviewed 15 December 2020

To help improve its understanding of the impact that the coronavirus is having on employers and workers, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is carrying out two surveys regarding the impact of Covid-19 on work-related stress and mental health.

It highlighted that the changes and uncertainty caused by coronavirus and the associated local and national restrictions have greatly increased the risks of work-related stress and mental health.

The two surveys are available on the HSE website; see survey for workers and survey for employers.

The former is open to all workers, whether they think that Covid-19 has or has not had an impact on them or their role.

The employer’s survey is targeted at decision-makers within the organisation such as owners, board members and directors, and at those involved in the organisational response to health and safety and the pandemic.

The HSE said: “If you’re completing the employers’ survey, remember you’re also an employee, so feel free to complete both.”

The Executive will be doing some further research into how employers are assessing the risks from work-related stress, what interventions are being used to tackle identified risks and the effectiveness of those interventions.

This may be done either by a targeted survey or by telephone surveys and anyone interested in taking part is invited to email giving their name, email address and a brief description of their role either within or in support of the organisation.