Last reviewed 10 May 2022

The Department of Health and Social Care has updated its Covid-19 Supplement to the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Resource for Adult Social Care to reflect the latest guidance on symptoms and aerosol-generating procedures.

The supplement has also incorporated further information on testing and personal protective equipment (PPE) for live-in carers.

The guidance, which was first published at the end of March 2022, provides additional information on safe working when caring for people with Covid-19 in adult social care services.

The changes to this guidance as of 3 May 2022 include updates to clarify that sessional use of masks applies to communal care settings only.

The section on “if a staff member develops Covid-19 symptoms” is changed to reflect the latest guidance on symptoms, as well as updates to the list of aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs).

Specific to care homes, there are updates to the section “care home residents who are symptomatic or test positive for Covid-19” in line with the latest guidance on symptoms, and to the visiting section to clarify that all visitors are encouraged to wear a face covering, not just those providing personal care.

The visiting section states that children under the age of 11 who are visiting a care home may choose whether to wear a face covering.

There is also a new section on testing, PPE and responding to test results for care workers living with individuals they provide care and/or support to.

And the supplement has been updated to clarify that when undertaking an AGP on a person who is suspected or confirmed to have Covid-19 or another infection spread by the airborne or droplet route, a full-face visor which covers the eyes, nose and mouth area is needed if the FFP3 mask is not fluid-resistant.

This supplement should be read in conjunction with the adult social care testing guidance, which details the testing regimes for all staff, as well as any resident, and outbreak testing where applicable, and which was recently updated to add a care home outbreak-testing flowchart for staff and residents and Covid-19 testing in adult social care.

The supplement and the adult social care testing guidance are both available at GOV.UK.