The country information for Ireland has been updated on the UNECE website.

Ireland has updated its notifications under ADR 6.2.5 (recognised technical codes) by recognising three technical codes relating to fixed fire-fighting systems, and explosion and fire protection systems.

ADR 6.2.5, and provide that in order to reflect scientific and technical progress or where no standard is referenced in 6.2.2, 6.2.4, or, or to deal with specific aspects not addressed in a standard referenced in 6.2.2, 6.2.4, or, the competent authority of an ADR Contracting Party may recognise the use of a technical code providing the same level of safety.

The documents can be found on the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) website.

  • Fixed Fire-fighting Systems — Components for Gas Extinguishing Systems — Part 4: Requirements and Test Methods for Container Valve Assemblies and Their Actuators.

  • Technical Code for Explosion Suppressor Valve Head Assemblies for Use in Explosion Protection Systems.

  • Technical Code for Quick Release Valve Assemblies for Use in Fire Protection Systems.

The country information for List of Competent Authorities for the application of ADR including Chapter 1.5 and notifications is available on the UNECE website.

Last reviewed 4 April 2019