Exposure of modern slavery to force changes in construction

23 December 2019

Unite, the UK’s construction union, is calling for fundamental changes in the way that the construction industry is organised and for the introduction of licensing of gangmasters, following a major exposure of how modern slavery operates in the industry.

HS2 to introduce pre-qualification process for contractors

29 October 2019

Tenders for large contracts are often a lengthy process for contractors with no guarantee of a reward: research currently suggests that suppliers in the construction industry are spending up to £1 billion per year on project tenders. Now, four of HS2’s largest civil contractors are set to introduce a pre-qualification process standardised to streamline, reduce costs and boost productivity for the supply chain.

Human trafficking guidance for health workers

21 October 2019

Healthcare workers in Scotland are to be given new guidance to help them identify signs of human trafficking and exploitation among patients. The guidelines include advice to help frontline health professionals know what action to take if they have concerns.

Supply chains and modern slavery

24 July 2019

Following the 2018 independent review of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, the Home Office has launched a public consultation into proposed changes to the Act intended to increase transparency and compliance, improve reporting quality and extend the scope of the legislation.

Get ready for new payment rules

10 June 2019

New rules on prompt payment will come into force on 1 September this year. From that point, companies will be expected to pay 95% of their invoices within 60 days, with those failing to do so potentially being banned from winning Government contracts of £5 million or more.

Tougher penalties for late payers

15 May 2019

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) has welcomed the decision to remove or suspend a number of major construction firms from the Institute of Credit Management’s Prompt Payment Code for failing to pay suppliers on time.

Landmark High Court ruling on modern slavery case

16 April 2019

In a case said to have implications for all company officers, the High Court has ruled in favour of a group of workers who were exploited in a modern slavery case involving a British company, resulting in the director and company secretary both being found personally liable.