Last reviewed 9 October 2013

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published a new research report on the substitution costs of hazardous chemicals.

Estimating the Abatement Costs of Hazardous Chemicals: A Review of the Results of Six Case Studies aims to provide lessons to Member States and companies in support of their own work on assessing substitution costs.

The research was commissioned by ECHA and is based on six studies to estimate the costs of substituting a range of substances of concern.

The objective of the work was to:

  • improve expertise in the assessment of substitution costs

  • develop some of the theoretical and methodological aspects specific to hazardous chemicals

  • understand what barriers there might be to useful estimation.

A source at the ECHA said the Agency’s experience from processing restriction cases has demonstrated that robust substitution cost estimates have the potential to aid decision-making when regulating hazardous chemicals.

It is therefore hoped that the report will provide a step forward in understanding the special characteristics of substitution cost assessment in the field of hazardous chemicals.

In particular, the research should be useful for companies working on restriction dossiers or authorisation applications.