The Department for Education (DfE) has launched a consultation on proposed changes to the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage (EYFS).

The DfE is seeking views from early years staff and other experts on:

  • proposed revisions to the educational programmes

  • proposed revisions to the early learning goals (ELGs)

  • proposed changes to the assessment and moderation process for the early years foundation stage profile

  • a proposed change to the safeguarding and welfare requirements to promote good oral health.

The consultation draws upon findings by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) on the evaluation of the EYFS Profile pilot and revised early learning goals.

The Government piloted the revised ELGs in 23 Reception classes and a coalition of organisations from across the sector has warned that the evaluation only looked at a very limited sample of schools.

Beatrice Merrick, chief executive of Early Education, has urged the early years sector to respond to the consultation:

"Early Education and other sector bodies have worked hard as a coalition to inform and influence the DfE as the draft was prepared, but we believe there is still room for considerable improvement in the text of the educational programmes and early learning goals.”

"It is vital that the DfE hears from those who work with the current statutory framework and non-statutory guidance on a daily basis about what will work and what will not work, as the ultimate test of these documents is whether they help practitioners in the EYFS to give children the best start in life.”

The consultation will run until 31 January 2020 and the new early learning goals are set to be rolled out nationwide in September 2021. Ahead of the revised EYFS being made compulsory, schools can volunteer to implement the early learning goals a year early in 2020.

Last reviewed 4 November 2019