The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is asking food businesses, enforcement officers and consumers to provide it with feedback on its new recalls and withdrawals guidance.

Entitled Guidance on Food Traceability, Withdrawals and Recalls within the UK Food Industry, the publication sets out the roles and responsibilities of the key stakeholders involved in food safety withdrawals and recalls in the UK, with the aim of providing advice on good practice and helping food businesses to comply with food safety requirements.

The guidance includes advice on:

  • traceability systems

  • making a decision to withdraw or recall food

  • the roles and responsibilities of those involved

  • how to plan for and manage a food safety withdrawal or recall

  • the key principles to effectively inform consumers of a food recall, including a template for a point of sale notice for use in retail stores.

Launching the consultation, Philip Randles, Head of Incidents and Resilience at the FSA, said, “This guidance has been created with food businesses in mind, to help them carry out food safety withdrawals and recalls with greater ease and effectiveness. It’s been developed in partnership with representatives from the food industry, enforcement authorities and consumer organisations and is a key outcome from our joint review with Food Standards Scotland of the UK’s current system.

“We would welcome feedback. The responses we receive will help us to make sure the guidance is beneficial and helpful to businesses in the event of a food safety incident.”

The consultation is open from 7 January to 4 February 2019. Feedback can be emailed to

Last reviewed 8 January 2019