Last reviewed 21 June 2022

A survey has raised concerns from care home professionals across the UK about outdated and time-consuming procedures that make it difficult for care workers to fulfil their day-to-day roles.

The survey, commissioned by eProcurement technology firm Zupa and conducted by Censuswide Ltd from 6 to 11 May 2022, found that 66% of care home staff said the quality of resident care and the ability to cater properly for dietary and nutritional needs are some of the key areas being “side-lined” as a result of “obsolete practices”.

Of the respondents, 86% said vital aspects of care provision suffered at the hands of outdated and time-consuming procedures, 54% felt staff happiness was overlooked and 44% attributed high turnover to low pay levels.

Of the care home managers responding, 32% said keeping up with recording resident data around nutrition and hydration worried them. A further 41% were concerned about the rising costs of food, energy and inflation, while 30% of care home workers identified supplier issues, food shortages and running out of supplies as a growing concern.

The study also revealed that a lack of staffing and resource continues to be a concern for the sector, with 67% of care workers saying this was key challenge; 52% of respondents agreed that care home inspections added more pressure to their role and said they would welcome a way to improve the process.

Zupa Chief Executive Ollie Brand recognised that caring for older people and the vulnerable was “time-consuming and demanding”, requiring specialist skills and knowledge. He said the study showed a “direct correlation between what worries care home staff from day to day and the quality of care they are physically able to deliver”, with “patchy reporting, outdated processes and a heavy reliance on manual updates” simply adding to the frustration and putting greater pressure on “stretched” staff.

More information about the survey is available from the ZUPA website.