Last reviewed 30 June 2022

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has issued a consultation on a proposed revision of PAS 2080 concerning carbon management in buildings and infrastructure.

With full details available here, the deadline for submitting comments is 11 July 2022.

A PAS is a Publicly Available Specification, a fast-track standard that can be created in nine to 12 months. PAS 2080 specifies requirements for the management of whole life carbon in buildings and infrastructure — both in the provision of new projects or programmes of work and the management or retrofit of existing assets and networks.

It is a specification to: align the built environment with the transition to a net zero carbon economy by 2050; encourage wider uptake of carbon management across the built environment; and to ensure close collaboration between all members of the value chain.

Recognising the importance of systems transitioning to net zero, it aims to clarify the role of each value chain member to control and influence decision-making and to reinforce the importance of the carbon reduction hierarchy for whole life carbon reduction.

“Although asset owners/managers have the primary responsibility for implementing a carbon management process,” the BSI notes, “all value chain members share responsibility for the management of the associated carbon emissions and removals.”

Asset owners/managers can, it goes on, only realise the intended reductions within a fully integrated value chain involving designers, constructors, operators, and product/material suppliers, but also regulators and financiers that influence climate-related policy, planning and KPIs.