Last reviewed 29 July 2020

The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration (ICIBI) has invited anyone with knowledge and experience of the Home Office’s freight operations to submit evidence for his next inspection.

David Bolt said: “I am about to begin an inspection of the management by Border Force of freight arriving at UK ports of entry (seaports, airports and rail terminals) and would like to hear from anyone with knowledge and practical experience of how this is working.”

While this is not intended to be an inspection of Brexit preparedness, he said that he was also interested to understand to what extent stakeholders feel that Border Force has engaged with their issues and concerns about how its management of freight arrivals will be affected.

The most recent ICIBI report looking at Border Force freight operations took place in 2013 and can be found at

Any information submitted for the 2020 report may be quoted in the final inspection report, but it is the ICIBI’s practice not to name sources and to anonymise, as much as possible, any examples or case studies. Submissions to the Chief Inspector are required by 22 August 2020 and should be sent to

“I am particularly interested in hearing from independent traders, trade associations, and businesses reliant on the efficient and effective processing of freight about what appears to be working well, and why, and what is not working or could be improved, both pre-arrival and at ports, including the clarity of any guidance, information or assistance provided by Border Force,” Mr Bolt concluded.