Last reviewed 9 October 2013

Effective 29 September 2013, only a pupil’s first entry to a GCSE examination will count in performance tables.

For pupils who have already completed a GCSE examination (summer 2013 or previously), their best result from either their previous attempt or from the next time they sit that GCSE will be recorded.

For those who have not yet taken a GCSE, their first GCSE taken after 29 September 2013 will count.

Where exams are taken at the same time, in the same series, the best result will continue to count.

For the January 2015 performance tables, these changes will relate to:

  • exams taken in or prior to summer 2014

  • English Baccalaureate subjects only (English, mathematics, science, history, geography and modern foreign languages).

For the January 2016 performance tables onwards, they will apply to all subjects.

Data on entry patterns will continue to be collected and shared with Ofsted by the Department for Education.