Chancellor Sajid Javid has announced an increase in NHS spending by £6.2 billion next year, with £210 million allocated to frontline NHS staff.

As Sajid Javid announced what he called "the fastest planned increase in day-to-day departmental spending in 15 years", he committed to investing more in training and professional development for doctors and nurses. There will also be more than £2 billion of new capital funding starting with an upgrade to 20 hospitals this year, and £250 million for new artificial intelligence technologies.

Under new funding announced for Health Education England (HEE), every nurse, midwife and allied health professional, including nurses working in general practice, will be offered a £1,000 personal development budget over 3 years.

However, the British Medical Association (BMA) warned that the Government spending plans were "another missed opportunity" to turn around years of underinvestment in the NHS, and that the vast majority of the money is not new funding.

BMA Chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul said the spending review had not provided "detail on exactly how the Government plans to support doctors in training, stop them leaving through burnout, and future-proof our medical workforce."

He added that the Chancellor had also delivered "no long-term capital spending plan to address the £6 billion maintenance backlog or investment in GP practice premises, so desperately needed to ensure patients are being treated in safe, up-to-date buildings".

He explained: "Of the £6.2 billion NHS funding lauded by the Chancellor today, two-thirds of it comes from money announced under the last Prime Minister in 2018, which the BMA is clear will not be enough to deliver the Government’s ambitions in the long-term plan."

He added: "Most of what’s left is money announced for hospital upgrades last month, largely funded through savings already made by hospitals."

He also said the £1.5 billion funding announcement for social care did not go far enough.

Last reviewed 10 September 2019