Last reviewed 12 January 2021

Care England CEO Professor Martin Green has said greater integration between the health and adult social care system is desperately needed in 2021.

Writing in The Telegraph, Martin Green’s New Year message, “Why We Desperately Need a New Vision for Social Care in 2021”, said the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the lack of joined up systems in health and care.

He said he hoped that 2021 would see outcomes replace process across the NHS and the adult social care system, and wrote: “By throwing all resources at the NHS and leaving social care out in the cold, mistakes have been made. We cannot afford such mistakes to occur again.”

He said care homes have been extremely innovative in creating solutions to the problems created by Covid-19, such as using video communication tools and remote monitoring.

The article said the NHS has been “playing catch up” in helping providers to find digital solutions, and NHSX needs to resource the support required by care homes to survive, and implement new technology so they remain sustainable.

Together with Health and Social Care Select Committee Chairman Jeremy Hunt, Martin Green is calling for a 10-year plan for adult social care. He said: “This could mirror the NHS’s plan and enable career progression, showing care to be a profession rather than a job.”