Taunton Crown Court has heard that Wayne Hillard, a car dismantler, failed to declare he was dismantling scrap cars.

Hillard has been ordered to pay £384,100 plus costs of £16,629. He was also given an 18 month conditional discharge.

Dismantlers are required by law to remove all hazardous components and materials from end-of-life vehicles including batteries, oils, brake fluids and airbag cylinders. Sites must have special facilities including impermeable concrete floors to ensure spills of hazardous liquids are contained and do not cause pollution.

Hillard, however, told Environment Agency officers who visited his premises that he was only repairing vehicles. Investigators found Somerset scrap dealer Wayne Hillard has been ordered to pay more than £400,000 for running an illegal car breakers yard.

The case was brought by the Environment Agency following a joint investigation with Avon and Somerset Police.

An Environment Agency spokesperson said: “This prosecution is the result of a prolonged period of offending.

“We provided the defendant with advice and guidance over a number of years, yet he chose to ignore us and continued to dismantle vehicles at an illegal site.

“This gave him an unfair advantage over law-abiding operators and risked polluting the environment.”

Guidance from the Environment Agency is available here.

Last reviewed 25 March 2020